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April 15, 2022 & April 16, 2022

Genesis Film Festival

Brought to you by Granting Wishes, Space Cowboy, & Dream Monster Studios

In partnership with TTOO, we’re proud to announce we’re bringing the energy and excitement of Film Festivals under one virtual roof!

While celebrating, the magic of filmmakers. Join us for the Genesis Film Festival by minting an NFT ticket you’re able to access the theater with fellow filmmakers. Your NFT doubles as a voting mechanism to chose your favorite film were one filmmaker will be awarded 25% of ticket sales as a first place prize.

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Spring 2022


Directed by LaVarro

When Myles inherits a watch that gives him the power to teleport, he recruits his best friend as they discover the mystery behind his father’s untimely death.

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March 8, 2022


Directed by Miguel Faul

In a summer mansion in the Costa Brava, a young domestic worker has to serve two rich children while they enjoy their summer. Amongst cocktails, drugs and dishwashers, she will look for her own way of having fun.

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