Frequently Asked Questions

Granting Wishes Studios is an innovative production introducing new models for distribution  and movies. Let us answer some common inquires!

Are the movie tickets NFTs?

Yes, once our NFT ticketing platform launches, each movie ticket will be a unique ERC-1155 ticket.

How can I attend the movie?

Once you have minted your movie ticket you will be able to gain access to the movie theater in cryptovoxels.

Can I rent out the theater?

Yes you can rent it out, its on a case by case basis, hop in our discord, to learn more.

How is ticket revenue recouped?

We're building on a unique model that automatically recoups and distributes profits from ticket sales to the responsible parties.

Can we host Q&A's in the theater ?

Yes, we can facilitate, streaming of Q&A's for premiers.

Can you gate the theater ?

Yes, we have private gated movie rooms, so no one can view the content unless they mint an NFT ticket.

Do you offer free screenings?

Yes, if you want to offer a free screening and not sell tickets, its possible but will cost a rental fee. Reach out for more information.

Wen Token?

Join the discord to  help shape the future of film distribution.

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